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Prizes offered

There have been questions raised at our Clinic regarding the necessity of offering Jumbo Prizes; due to the cost.  I know we have been encouraged to follow Nancy's model.  Any feedback is welcome.

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I would highly recommend following the protocols on prizes utilized by Nancy Petry, particularly for this pilot project. I understand that costs are a concern and recommend looking at the average price per draw from the fishbowl which Nancy experience shows is $4.69. Using weekly draws of an average of 5 names being drawn each week for draws, the total costs would be $375 for 16 weeks of implementation of the procedure. Out of 100 slips in the fishbowl, there is only only jumbo and 10 large prizes. The cool thing about the name in the hat technique is that every draw wins something - there is always a reward. Nancy also discusses in her book that she has toyed with lowering the value of the prizes and there seems to be thresholds that significantly decrease the positive outcomes. I think being able to see that there are large and jumbo prizes is motivating rather than only having a chance at smaller rewards. An important component of this study is determining if there is a business case for implementing contingency management. Will increased attendance result in increased revenues that cover the costs of the prizes plus an additional margin? Nancy's studies show an increase of about 50% in attendance for groups with a moderate attendance baseline. Adherance to the practices used in her studies should show similar results. To reduce costs, another option is to solicit local businesses for prizes. The organization I worked at had a youth drug court program that used CM and was very successful in obtaining donated certificates for prizes such as CDs and pizza. (Cool thing was that the judge provided the opportunity to draw for prizes in the courtroom!) Of course, the mix of prizes could be modified after the pilot and any changes in results evaluated.