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kim johnson
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Technology supported treatment

The ATTC is about to launch a new blending product that focuses on technology supported treatments. When it goes public, we will be sure to link to it from this site. As some may know, we here at CHESS where the ATTC network coordinating office is housed, have been conducting research on patient focused technology for many years and conducted the first randomized clinical trial of a cell phone app for addiction recovery (BTW - it worked). So of course, I have a bias toward technology as a solution.

But recently, I have begun to get a little paranoid about all the info we can collect and that perveyors of apps in general do collect. How will we protect privacy in this era of big data?

What are your thoughts? Do the benefits of access to any time any where supports, increased efficiency, better treatment outcomes outweigh the loss of privacy that is necessary to deliver the benefits? Is there another way?

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You should check with Dave Wanser at JBS International. He oversees the echnical Assistance portfolio for CSAT's Technology Assisted Care (TAC) grantees.
there general number is 301-495-1080