Planning and Implementing Screening and Brief Intervention for Risky Alcohol Use: A Step-by-Step Guide for Primary Care Practices.

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Created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this guide provides detailed steps and resources to help staff in any primary care practice implement alcohol SBI. It includes information on risky alcohol use, its effects on health, and how it can be addressed through alcohol SBI.

Research shows that health professionals can use alcohol screening and brief intervention (SBI) to help people who are drinking too much to drink less. Alcohol SBI consists of a few questions asked in a doctor’s office and a short conversation. It can reduce excessive drinking by up to 25%. But a recent study showed that only 1 in 6 people reported ever talking with their doctor or other health professional about their alcohol use.

CDC hopes this guide will help practices implement alcohol SBI and thus reduce the wide range of health problems related to excessive drinking.