Training For New Staff

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Do new staff members receive the same kind of comprehensive training, coaching and supervision?

Without an ongoing plan for training, coaching and supervision in the new practice, or for hiring people who have demonstrated skills in the new practice, the EBP will fade from your organization.

Each staff person should have a personal development plan that incorporates new knowledge as well as reinforcement of existing knowledge.

These personal development plans should map onto the organization’s strategic plan so that there is alignment between strategy and practice.

You can also visit the Network of Practice forums to see what your colleagues and researchers have said. The following discussion was on the topic of training.

Finding Technical Assistance

  • You can view a national registry of Blending Product Trainers on the ATTC website.
  • NREPP has information on EBPs and links to the original research and information on where to obtain training and other materials.
  • Contact your regional ATTC for information on local training and technical assistance opportunities
  • Contact your State Substance Abuse Authority for information on training.