Identify Facilitators and Barriers

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Have you identified and addressed facilitators and barriers to sustainability?

It is harder to sustain change than to initiate it. There are many barriers to maintaining change from the loss of momentum to the simple act of pulling out an old form from the bottom of a drawer when you’ve run out of the current version.

Identify the things that will facilitate your sustaining the new practice with clinical fidelity and the things that are barriers that you need to address and develop a sustain plan around those facilitators and barriers.

Use the Sustainability Model to figure out what your organizational strengths and weaknesses are in terms of sustaining change.

Then develop a plan that relies on your strengths and addresses or bypasses the weaknesses. Make sure that you have a system in place to track the measures you have been using for quality implementation and a plan to respond when those measures reach a critical, predefined level.

The Sustainability Model is a collaboration between the British National Health Service and the University of Wisconsin.

Using proven models of change and decision analysis, the Sustainability Model was developed by a panel of nationally respected practical and theoretical experts in change and has been tested for accuracy in over 200 separate change projects.