Continue to Collect Data

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Once adaptations have been made, is data being collected to assess the impact of the changes?

We recommend you continue to measure the outcomes that made you decide to do the adaptations once the adaptations have been made.

Continued monitoring of your programs will help you decide when you need to revisit the practice or the delivery of the practice to ensure ongoing quality service to your patients.

What outcome was the practice meant to achieve?

Many EBPs that are currently used are more effective than standard care because people stay in treatment longer. So you might want to measure length of stay or treatment retention.

It helps to read the research and see what the scientist that created the practice was trying to achieve. When you can, use that as your measure of success.

When you can’t use the original researched outcome, use the measure(s) that you used to determine whether the program pilot was successful. Continue to collect and monitor the data that tells you whether the program is working; identify the critical level of that measure below or above which you will revisit the program and if you get to that point, bring together a new change team to assess and address the problem measure.