Is Everyone on Board?

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To be successful in spreading new practices, ensure executive level support for spread across the organization and get staff buy in

Once your pilot site has worked out the implementation bugs, it may be time to spread the new practice to other parts of your organization. You should also think about how you can sustain the project through personnel, resource and process changes that are inevitable in any organization.

The following are strategies for developing buy-in from staff.

  1. Use the staff who conducted your successful pilot as ambassadors and champions.
  2. Make sure the plan is clear. Have an elevator speech prepared.
  3. Engage likely supports before going into a broader discussion. Prepare them to answer questions.
  4. Communicate transparently and frequently.

Survey staff using questions such as these:

  • Do staff understand the need or gap in services?
  • Do staff understand the clinical implications of the change on their work?
  • Will clients be different from the ones we treat now?
  • Does staff have the requisite knowledge, tools, and equipment to be successful?
  • Have we provided pertinent data, background information, training, and coaching to assure buy-in, understanding, and confidence in their ability to do the work?
  • Have the new competencies been incorporated into orientation and reception systems?

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