Establish a Change Team

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A Change Team is a small group (3-7) of employees or select stakeholders appointed by the Executive Sponsor/CEO to identify and address barriers to implementing the EBP at the pilot site

  1. The team should include members from all areas critical to the functioning of the evidence-based practice. This may include:
    • Workers and supervisors in the unit (e.g., parts of the organization) where the changes will be implemented
    • Others who are affected by the change (e.g., other departmental staff if the change crosses departments, patients, etc.)
    • People with special knowledge about a specific change (e.g., patients, information technology staff, etc.)
  2. Have diverse talents represented. For example, it helps to have people who are creative and insightful and people who can carry ideas through to completion.
  3. Include outside perspectives (customers or someone who doesn’t work in the area).
  4. Keep the size small, no more than seven people—with more than that, the team gets too unwieldy and makes slow progress at best
  5. Send a written invitation. When the team is selected, send a formal letter inviting each person to work on the project(s) selected. This assignment is a temporary, additional job for the person.