Use a Fidelity Tool

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Are you using a fidelity tool?

Research on several different EBP’s has shown that higher fidelity to a practice is associated with higher outcomes. [1]

[1]Fixsen, D. L., Naoom, S. F., Blase, K. A., Friedman, R. M. & Wallace, F. (2005). Implementation Research: A Synthesis of the Literature. Tampa, FL: University of South Florida, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, The National Implementation Research Network (FMHI Publication #231) p.50.

Not all EBPs have a publicly available fidelity tool.

NREPP usually sites when a practice does.

It is also useful to contact the purveyor or the original research team to see if they created one or used a fidelity check during the research process. You may be able to obtain it from them.

Visit the Network of Practice forums to see what your colleagues and researchers have said. The following discussion was on the topic of fidelity.