Select an Evidence-based Practice - How to

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The ATTC Change Book lists 6 steps to help choose an EBP

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Organize a team for addressing the problem
  3. Identify the desired outcome
  4. Assess the organization or agency
  5. Assess the specific audience(s) to be targeted
  6. Identify the approach most likely to achieve the desired outcome

Other ideas to help you decide on an appropriate EBP

  1. What approach does research indicate to be effective in addressing the problem? (conduct a literature review in journals, on the Web, with government sources, etc.)
  2. Visit the Network of Practice discussion forum and ask how colleagues in other organizations addressed similar problems? What has been most effective? What approaches have they used?
  3. What do staff members think is an appropriate approach to reach the desired outcome?
  4. Reflecting on the information obtained, what is the desired approach you’ve identified?
  5. What are your reasons for selecting this particular recommended approach?