Use of CM with adolescents

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Use of CM with adolescents


Use of CM with adolescents

Laura Kantorowski sent the following questions regarding the use of CM with teens.  I want to post this so that everyone can see her questions and the replies from Nancy Petry and Susan Godley.
Hi Mike,
Hope all is well.
I was talking with our county AOD administrator yesterday. She has agreed to CM in our engagement group, which is great. It looks like we'll be able to incorporate it in late August or early September.
We talked about including CM in all county contracts. She had a question. She had been told that the research shows that CM is not as effective with teens; it works while they are engaged in treatment, but no lasting effects have been shown. So, she is concerned about including CM in our adolescent programs.
Do you know if this is so? If not (or if so), can you (or Nancy Petry) direct me to the research?
Thanks for your time,
Laura Kantorowski, Ph.D.
Bay Area Community Resources
171 Carlos Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Response from Nancy Petry:
Although less research has been done with CM in teens than adults, there are no data demonstrating differential efficacy in youth. The issue about its extended effects is as pertinent to adults as it is with youth, and the data are mixed in that regard-- mixed in the sense that some studies show no statistically significant long term benefit of CM, while other studies do. Importantly, NO studies have shown worse longterm effects of CM compared with anything else (i.e., CM is either as good as anything else or better). And, the reality remains that no interventions in this field have consistently yeilded long term beneficial effects after the intervention ceases.
Mark recently submitted a paper with adolescents showing a long term benefit of CM in teens. There were some odd during treatment findings in the study, but any statement about CM not being as effective in youth is not supported by data (at least not of which I am aware).
Scott Henggler in SC is using CM with adolescents. In fact, his group has trained most of the state's adolescent providers in CM.
Hope that helps,
Response from Susan Godley – Lighthouse Institute:
Attached is the only article we published to date related to CM—which is not an outcome study.  Mark (Godley) has an outcome study (randomized trial comparing usual continuing care and ACC with and without CM)  under review right now, which he might share with you.  I’ve attached the Stranger et al., reference that is also related to CM.  Stranger and Budney have worked with some of the best people in this area (Higgins and Bickel).


 Godley et al. 2008 Contingent reinforcement of personal goal activities.pdf

 Stanger et al. 2009 A randomized trial of contingency management for adolescent marijuana abuse and dependence.pdf